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Where Winemaking Unites in Wines and Events

Nestled amidst picturesque vineyards, our winery is a haven for those seeking the allure of winemaking. Explore the artistry behind our wines as you join us for unforgettable events, where every glass unveils a story that flows from our vines to your heart.

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The canteens

Ferment & Finesse: The Crafty Canteen of Wine Alchemy

Welcome to our unique wine canteen built on bunker, where the magic of fermentation unfolds.

Here, we nurture the transformation of grapes into liquid gold, meticulously curating each step of the fermentation process to craft wines that embody the essence of time-honored tradition and innovative artistry.

Every visit offers a glimpse into the heart of our craft – from vineyard elegance and passionate craftsmanship to the captivating fermentation process that transforms grapes into liquid artistry.


Private tours, barrel tastings, and personalized experiences.


Nestled amidst picturesque vineyards, offering stunning views and a serene ambiance.


Artisanal approach to winemaking, focusing on quality over quantity.

Our Raki

Two types of raki

Abaia Winery's Aged Grape Raki finds solace within new French oak barrels, where time weaves its magic. In contrast, their traditional Grape Raki embraces heritage, a liquid celebration of timeless techniques. Both offerings, distinct echoes of craftsmanship, invite you to savor the symphony of innovation and tradition.

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Rebecca Hart Guest

Mark and Tamara Sell Guest

Andreas Opsahl Guest

Jackob Svendsen Guest

Maya Visperas Guest

An absolutely fantastic experience - our waitress Elena was a total star, so knowledgeable and nice and the food and drink was divine. If you are able to come here, you must!!

- Rebecca Hart , Guest

I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend a summer afternoon. We especially enjoyed getting to know the staff. Marissa and Landi were knowledgeable, friendly and were able to communicate with us in English with ease. We highly recommend a visit if you’re in Dürres or perhaps this is your reason to go?

- Mark and Tamara Sell , Guest

Great experience👍 Our family had really great hours at Abaia Winery today. The Wineyard is not big, and the history doesn’t go long back, but it’s not less interresting though. I want to recommend a visit to Abaia for all people with passion for good wine and food experiences.

- Andreas Opsahl , Guest

What a wonderful place! The Wine Tours are at 13:00 and 17:00 and the guide was so enthusiastic and sweet. It is recommended that you book in advance. We also had a nice lunch there

- Jackob Svendsen , Guest

1 word - WOW! Abaia Winery and Vineyard was amazing. The reviews are true...this place is awesome. The vineyard is beautiful and the restaurant is lovely. The hosts/staff/chef all pay incredible attention to detail and were genuinely warm and friendly. The food though really is superb in terms of presentation, quality, and flavor...and there is a LOT OF IT!

- Maya Visperas , Guest