Abaia Winery
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Rebecca Hart Guest

Mark and Tamara Sell Guest

Andreas Opsahl Guest

Jackob Svendsen Guest

Maya Visperas Guest

An absolutely fantastic experience - our waitress Elena was a total star, so knowledgeable and nice and the food and drink was divine. If you are able to come here, you must!!

- Rebecca Hart , Guest

I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend a summer afternoon. We especially enjoyed getting to know the staff. Marissa and Landi were knowledgeable, friendly and were able to communicate with us in English with ease. We highly recommend a visit if you’re in Dürres or perhaps this is your reason to go?

- Mark and Tamara Sell , Guest

Great experience👍 Our family had really great hours at Abaia Winery today. The Wineyard is not big, and the history doesn’t go long back, but it’s not less interresting though. I want to recommend a visit to Abaia for all people with passion for good wine and food experiences.

- Andreas Opsahl , Guest

What a wonderful place! The Wine Tours are at 13:00 and 17:00 and the guide was so enthusiastic and sweet. It is recommended that you book in advance. We also had a nice lunch there

- Jackob Svendsen , Guest

1 word - WOW! Abaia Winery and Vineyard was amazing. The reviews are true...this place is awesome. The vineyard is beautiful and the restaurant is lovely. The hosts/staff/chef all pay incredible attention to detail and were genuinely warm and friendly. The food though really is superb in terms of presentation, quality, and flavor...and there is a LOT OF IT!

- Maya Visperas , Guest